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Disabled Dating Club

We are one of the largest disable online dating networks and part of the largest singles communities around the world. With us, you can find your friends, neighbour’s, co-workers, and of course completely strangers seeking to meet someone at The Wheelchair Dating Club. As a part of the Dating Factory, we are the world’s leading online dating network with many users around the globe. Every day it is growing stronger and stronger, striving to become the world-leading online dating platform. Besides, intending to help every member of its dating community get what they are looking for.

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Disabled Dating Club

Our online dating site has the most exceptional facilities to facilitate you to succeed and see your accurate date online. It can eliminate loneliness in your life, achieve and enjoy happiness. We have an abundance of features that enables you to meet and chat with as many singles as you want. We wish you a happy and prosperous in your dating journey!